Snake Charmer is a must use facility. If you are nervous whatsoever about getting a waxing service done, just check out their website. Every single question and answer I could think of was there. I felt so comfortable coming into my appointment. Can’t wait to show off in my speedo.

Tyler M.

I’ve had all three services here: waxing, relaxation, and massage therapy. They’re all excellent. I think of each lady as professional and fearless, and I very much appreciate the way that they understand men and cater to them. They all provide a completely professional space that’s free of judgement and full of acceptance. They put you at ease from the start. I’m happy to drive over 30 miles because of the atmosphere Lori and her team have created at The Snake Charmer.

Joe E.

Absolutely, hands down the best place I have been and the best people to work with. As soon as I met Lori I knew this was going to be a great place. Her personality drives the business, and her business is people. She made me feel comfortable instantly. I would and will recommend this business to anyone who asks. Thank you so much for everything you guys!!

David H.

I have been getting a Brazilian waxing for many years [and] have seen several different technicians at different establishments. Kim at Snake Charmer is where to go! The facility is very clean and well decorated. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful. I find myself so relaxed and engrossed into a thoughtful conversation with her, the session is over before I know it. I am so pleased with the results and they last a long time. I love the smooth and soft feel. She is the best at her profession and I rate her a 10/10.

Pat S.

Lori has created an unrivaled experience for men; from the decor to ease of scheduling to state of the art services. My appointment with Shelby was amazing! She is a seamless addition to the Snake Charmer Team and will expertly care for all of your most important parts. She has amazing energy and made me feel at ease immediately. Shelby is an expert waxer for any man!

Murel A.

Lori is one of the kindest, most compassionate, empathetic human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure to share some time with. That unease you normally feel is eliminated from your very first conversation with her and carries through until you leave the appointment feeling as if you just had a thoroughly cathartic therapy session. I came out of her studio feeling amazing about myself and a little better about humanity as a whole.


Everyone at Snake Charmer is incredible, especially Lori the owner. I see Kim on a regular basis and she is absolutely amazing!! Kim is a so great she makes you feel at ease and comfortable instantly! I enjoy and really look forward to my sessions and conversations with her.

Michael H.

I’ve skydived twice and crashed a motorcycle on the freeway, but for some reason I was more nervous for this one (an obvious reason). At first walk in I was amazed at the senses being triggered. Smells of incense, relaxing music, sexy art plastering the walls. All of what I thought I knew, I didn’t know… It felt very comfortable. I was greeted by Shelby who was very easy to talk to. The process itself was so professional and painless and totally worth it. Never done it before, but I have a hard time believing it will be the last. Also, minor details, but even the hug afterwards made my day. Guys are too busy being angry and macho all the time, but some of us just want a hug.

James M.

Oh man! For as awkward as this could’ve been it was the complete opposite. Lori made me feel as comfortable as possible. Used top-of-the-line products. Was reassuring and attentive to every area. A+++ Thank you for giving us guys a place to go for our “delicates.”

Charles R.

Kim’s expertise, professionalism, and skill transformed a potentially nerve-wracking experience into a soothing and comfortable one. She took the time to thoroughly explain the process, and her ability to create a relaxed and calming environment made the entire experience far more enjoyable than I had anticipated. Kim’s friendly demeanor and engaging conversation helped distract from any potential discomfort, making me feel at ease throughout the process.

Kerry N.

Went here after doing some research to find an alternative to shaving problem hair that grows back every two weeks. Shelby was great and answered all my questions and concerns beforehand. The process was straightforward went without a hitch. I would not say it was painless but it was not painful. I will go here for all my hair removal needs.

Steven H.

Lori is an amazing spirit. She’s always been very careful to ensure you’re comfortable and checks on you regularly to ensure you’re not feeling physical or psychological discomfort. And the results were great. The time spent with Lori and her playlist of songs is well spent, and her new agey sort of hippieish demeanor Is delightful. Highly recommend.

Zhong Y.

Kim is simply the best. She is very professional but also very personable. She knows her business and does a fantastic job. She makes you feel completely comfortable, safe, and a true pleasure to be around and talk to.

Mike B.

I want to thank you very much. Shelby was phenomenal. I felt right at home with her when I walked in. I look forward to have this be a regular thing. I am excited for my next appointment. Thanks again Lori! Shelby was the best!

Roger F.

Let me just say it was a night and day difference. Lori was not my first but holy cow the difference in care and dedication. Absolutely would recommend her to any male looking to spruce up. If you are in the fence just make an appointment. The results speak for themselves. I wish I had found Snake Charmer on my first go around.

Paul T.

Kim has provided a gentle and (nearly) a pain free experience. Honestly, the part of the services that I’ve had done that hurt most is nose hair removal. So, if you’re looking to get a Brozilian, I can’t make a stronger recommendation than Kim and the ladies at Snake Charmer Body Waxing.

David E.

Shelby was excellent, really professional. She made me feel comfortable with this new and first time experience. I really appreciate that a place like this exists, extremely helpful with my upcoming photo shoot. Thank you.

Bobby G.

Lori is amazing. She makes what is typically an uncomfortable procedure not just tolerable, but actually enjoyable. She’s thorough, professional, gentle, and funny as hell. Look forward to my appointments.

Tim L.

I’ve been from New York to California and everywhere in between. Kim at Snake Charmers is, by far, the best you’ll ever find. Not only does she do a great job, but she’s probably the coolest person you’ll ever meet.

Tom C.

Just wanted to say well done with hiring Shelby. I had my first session with her and she is a natural and amazing.

David C.

Lori is a professional who is very aware of safety, comfort, post treatment care and communicated every detail to me. Her facility is clean, comfortable and in a good location. The appointment system is well organized and provides reminders. She is a charmer and I plan to be a client as long as she is in business.

Cajun C.

Top notch experience. Was on the fence about male waxing. Very professional and damn near painless. Saw Kim she was wonderful. Very endearing and comforting. The owner Lori introduced herself and immediately made me feel welcome. I plan on going back and adding a couple services for another couple problem areas.

Matt M.

Shelby did my service and she did a great job! Very professional and made sure to do a very thorough job. Completely impressed and would recommend 10/10!

John M.

This place was absolutely amazing. Kim was my technician and she was professional, kind and put me completely at ease. She showed great care and made the experience far more relaxing than i expected. I cant recommend this place enough – it took me a bit to work up the courage, but I am glad to have experienced this and am happy with the results.

Brad O.

I saw Shelby and she was fantastic. It’s great you’ve been able to add such good people. I rescheduled with her afterwards.

Mark C.

I had this done about 2 months ago at another place and wasn’t 100% satisfied. I love Kim and she will be the only one charming my snake from now on. She’s very professional and has an amazing and funny personality. I already made my next appointment with her.

Ron M.

I just wanted to let you know how amazing Shelby is. She’s been waxing me and I can tell she learned from the best! I am sure you already know this but wanted to tell you from a loyal customer.

Butch C.

Kim was amazing! She took my 3 months of neglect and turned it into a work of art. Thank you so much Kim for your dexterity and skill. I’m already looking forward to next time.

Nicholas S.