Don’t believe me?

Word choice is very important when describing such subjective things as wine, a blind date and body waxing.

I prefer to say discomfort rather than pain when it comes to body waxing, as it differentiates between the brief stinging sensation of quickly removing a Band-Aid and the mind-altering torture of stepping on a Lego.

When it comes to waxing the body, there are a number of variables that make your experience either awesome or awful. Expertise, technique, and product choice are the three big ones.

》》 All Body Waxers Are NOT Created Equal 《《

Beyond those professional components, however, is the role you play when it comes to easing your discomfort.

Skin sensitivity is a big part of how the service will feel, with stress and hormones often dictating how your skin responds. Also, each part of our bodies has a different threshold of sensitivity, so while one area has minimal discomfort, another could have a bit more.

As well, density and volume initially influence your discomfort, but it gets easier with each visit. Hair becomes thinner, weaker and more sparse, which means it comes out more easily and there is less of it to remove.

Hair follicles are a delicate lot that will strike back if not kept calm both before and after your body waxing service.


  • Go easy on your morning coffee (caffeine stimulates and sensitizes skin).
  • Take warm showers rather than hot.
  • Don’t apply lotion or cream to the areas being waxed.
  • Postpone your workout (adrenaline sensitizes skin).
  • Refrain from coming in with a sunburn or open sores – damaged skin cannot be waxed.
  • Don’t plan to sit several hours in a plane or car the same day you’re waxed – skin needs to breathe.



  • Skip the gym (sweat stings and irritates open follicles).
  • Take warm showers rather than hot.
  • Avoid sunning, saunas, exfoliating, chlorinated or salt water.
  • Wear loose, breathable clothing to decrease friction, preferably 100% cotton.
  • Soothe skin with coconut oil or aloe vera gel – no lotions or baby oil.
  • No hanky panky unless you avoid the waxed areas (which means you’re either super creative or you ignore this advice and call me crying that your playground is on fire).
  • Post-waxing redness and possible mild stinging is fully expected, extremely common and can last 24 hours following the service depending on your skin’s unique sensitivity.