Here are some things to consider in your search, gentlemen. You may have to travel an hour or more to find the right place, but the outcome is definitely worth it.

A lot of waxers who offer men’s Brazilians are not comfortable doing the service. A couple of ways to determine that is to first ask if they drape their clients’ genitals. This is done under the guise of protecting client modesty, but it actually means they’re not comfortable looking at the male body.

They may also have you move your own shaft and testis for them to wax the different areas, which is claimed to help keep the skin taut (an important factor in avoiding injury). Pulling up your tummy to assist in tighten the skin is one thing, but a skilled waxer who is comfortable handling male genitalia will not ask you to manipulate yourself.

Be sure soft wax is the only type of wax they use in the genital area. Many places use hard wax which is too harsh of a product down there. Plus, there’s a significant difference in the outcome of each of these wax techniques. Soft wax takes out the root so you don’t come back for 4 to 6 weeks, while hard wax is just a surface removal like shaving that has you returning every 3 weeks.

Anyone who tells you she doesn’t use soft wax because it tears the skin doesn’t know how to use it.

Far too many men get injured by waxers who aren’t trained properly or comfortable enough to do men. When you call around, ask how long they’ve been waxing men, where they received their training, and then request the most senior waxer on staff.

Lastly, ask what the policy is should a man get an unwanted erection during the service. Many will say you’ll be asked to leave, which is another indication this may not be the right place.

Your body is very naturally responding to sensory stimulation, and those who don’t understand that basic physiological fact shouldn’t be doing the service. Plus, it actually helps with your discomfort, because the skin needs to be pulled tightly when being waxed. 

Always feel comfortable to contact me with questions, comments, or your previous waxing experiences.