How would you feel, gentlemen, if you were kicked out of your Brazilian wax service because Mr. Johnson paid a visit without your permission?

Pretty crappy, right? Like some Harvey wannabe who strategically targets unsuspecting waxers to #WagHisWeinstein.

This is the answer one of my out-of-state LinkedIn connections received when searching for a waxer in his area.

No amount of baseball stats will override how your body responds when you’re competing with a combination of sensory stimulation and fear-based adrenaline.

Notice my word choice there: SENSORY, NOT SEXUAL.

This failure/refusal to understand the difference between those two words is why many waxers really shouldn’t have Brazilian waxing on their service menu.

The body’s response to physical touch is primal and very natural; many fellas even find they’re aroused by the slight sting of removing the wax. Plus, waxed skin has to be tight, so your hardwood stretch is a valuable tool for reducing discomfort.

#ItsAllOkay #WinWin

Bottom line is I’m not the norm, which means a better experience for you. You’re 100% safe from judgment and ridicule within my 4 walls.