I gently touch men’s naked bodies for a living.

While I work on all areas from head to toe, I spend the majority of time between their legs.

What I do is both legal and professional. It is also provocative and terrifying.

The harsh social stigma Western culture puts on personal services like male Brazilian waxing is often the one aspect that holds men hostage, keeping them from enjoying this game-changing life hack.

If you’ve hung around this blog long enough, you know I’m keenly aware of these fears:

  • Naked within 2 minutes of arrival
  • Will Mr. Johnson pay a visit
  • Am I less of a man if I grimace
  • Can the boys endure
  • How do I measure up
  • Is there a nanny cam in that plant

There’s a reason why so few studios offer men’s Brazilian, and many that do shouldn’t.

It’s a specialized skill that goes way beyond what’s taught in school; there’s a finesse and level of expertise that must exist.

Yes, my posts are provocative, snarky, funny, and sometimes tiptoeing over that ever-shifting line — they’re meant to get people thinking and dispel myths by teaching the truth (thank you very much Steve Carell and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”).