Why Wax?

Vanity doesn't even make the list of benefits why waxing is a preferred hair removal option. Betcha didn't know about the last one...Lasts 4-6 weeksLeaves skin silky smooth - no stubbleSignificantly reduces ingrown hairDiminishes body odorMakes a§§ grass a thing of...

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Erection = Ejection

How would you feel, gentlemen, if you were kicked out of your Brazilian wax service because Mr. Johnson paid a visit without your permission?Pretty crappy, right? Like some Harvey wannabe who strategically targets unsuspecting waxers...

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Pain is Not an Element of Body Waxing

Don’t believe me?Word choice is very important when describing such subjective things as wine, a blind date and body waxing.I prefer to say discomfort rather than pain when it comes to body waxing, as it differentiates between the brief stinging sensation...

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Don’t Fear The Waxer

I gently touch men's naked bodies for a living.While I work on all areas from head to toe, I spend the majority of time between their legs.What I do is both legal and professional. It is also provocative and terrifying.The harsh social stigma Western...

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Real Men DO Get Waxed

Real Man:The insult some women use to humiliate a guy enough to get him to do whatever she wants Man’s Man:All ladies want him; all men want to be him Manly Man:Someone who drinks Dos Equis, smokes Marlboro, wears BVDs, uses Irish Spring or Old Spice, and...

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PSSSSST… You’re Being Duped

And you’re not alone.Ever wonder why you have more ingrown hair, stubble, and prickly regrowth after shaving? And why it grows back so fast after you’ve been waxed??Unbeknownst to many, there are two commonly used techniques for hair removal — hard and...

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You Call Yourself A Professional?

This is for my industry associates who kick guys out of men’s Brazilian wax services if their bodies involuntarily respond in a socially awkward way …Shaming a man who is already mortified by the unintentional erection he neither wants nor can keep from happening is...

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Finding A Qualified Men’s Brazilian Waxer

Here are some things to consider in your search, gentlemen. You may have to travel an hour or more to find the right place, but the outcome is definitely worth it.A lot of waxers who offer men's Brazilians are not comfortable doing the service. A couple of ways to...

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