About Lori

Within the first 3 minutes they meet, The Snake Charmer (aka Lori Corrigan) persuades clients to be 100% physically and emotionally vulnerable to her.

Men willingly sign over their modesty, fear, intimidation, and genitalia to her care in exchange for a promise of enhanced comfort and prowess.

Because she’s 1/2 Goddess and 1/2 Good Witch on her mom’s side, Lori quietly performs mental hocus-pocus to magically melt away social stigma and industry hype.

The trust clients willingly lay at her altar is something Lori treats with great respect and gratitude.

Kim the Snake Charmer

About Kim

I love what I do partly because I enjoy working with men, and also because waxing is a highly-skilled artform not unlike piercing and ink.

I’m huge into fitness, which keeps me going in life. Love meeting new people and inspiring them to live their best lives! I consider myself down to earth and part comedian, so you’ll leave my room smiling and in good spirits.